Writing Your Resume Can Suck

You've had your resume open on the computer for the last 15 minutes without a single change. 

No one taught you how to write a strong resume. Sure, you've iterated since your first part-time job, but it still needs some love and you don't know what you're missing.

This course is for professionals who think their resume needs some love. Maybe you want more confidence in the application you are sending recruiters or just want peace of mind for when that time comes. 

Resumes are the most common barrier to securing the interview with your dream company and with these tips, you will be better equipt to tackle your CV.


After this Course, You will:

  • Have a more polished resume

  • Improve your chances of securing an interview

  • Better illustrate your suitability in your application

  • Have a competitive edge over other candidates vying for your dream job


After earning my dual bachelors in Psychological Science and Business in 2012, I dabbled in several areas of Human Resources from policy making to training and development. Finally, I settled into external recruitment in the engineering mining, oil and gas industry within Australia. 

Though the resources industry in Australia had seen its worse downturn in years, there was no better time to learn how to sell candidates that ticked 11 out of 10 boxes for my clients.  Nothing like a 'tight market' to teach a recruiter the difference between a 'good' candidate and an 'excellent' one.

After a couple years in Australia recruiting down the East Coast, I moved to Vancouver and explored the technology engineering industry. Here, I spent years working for an international market research SaaS company, recruiting for their North American, EMEA, and AsiaPac offices as their only recruiter in those regions.

From these varying industries and geographies, I have deciphered the subtle differences and uniting similarities in recruitment and candidate trends, making me the best person to give advice on what to do when searching for your dream job.

Too many times I have spoken to candidates and thought 'this is the mistake that will mean I can't hire you'. I want you to learn from their mistakes so that you don't waste your time, money or effort on a fruitless job search. 

Finding your way into that next jump in your career can be unsettling. I look forward to starting this journey with you!


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Your incomplete CV is the gateway between you and that job you've been daydreaming about!